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Top loan debt country

Top loan debt country: At present, almost everyone knows about the economic condition of Pakistan, because apart from being in debt, it has also become a pauper. That’s why now he is also requesting help from other countries. But do you know that apart from Pakistan, there are five other countries which are heavily in debt, whose condition has become very pathetic, if you do not know about them, then let us know…

1. Japan

Japan is at the forefront of taking loans, this country currently has a total loan of US $ 9.087 trillion. If according to GDP, this country is the most debt-ridden country in the world. Its GDP is currently around 237%. It is clear that if Japan’s GDP is Rs 100, then it has a debt of Rs 237.

2. Greece

Greece is also far ahead in terms of borrowing money from other countries. That’s why this country comes at number two. If seen, this country currently has a total debt of US$ 379 billion, due to which its GDP has reached 177%.

3. Lebanon

Then talk about the third most debt-ridden country in the Middle East, whose name is Lebanon. If seen, this country currently has a debt of US $ 96.7 billion, due to which it has reached 151% of Lebanon’s GDP.

4. Italy

On the other hand, let’s talk about Italy, which comes at number four in taking loans, while it is counted among beautiful countries, yet its condition is poor. Italy is currently immersed in a total debt of $ 2.48 trillion, so its GDP is 135%.

5. Singapore

On the other hand, the fifth country where most people go to visit, because it is a very lovely country, but the sad thing is that it also has a huge debt. Singapore has a debt of $1.7 trillion. That’s why its GDP is 126%.

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