Earthquake in Iran: Iran trembled due to strong tremors! 7 people died, 440 were injured

Earthquake in Iran

Earthquake in Iran: The land of Iran was shaken by a strong earthquake last night. The intensity of this earthquake was measured at 5.9 on the Richter Scale, which is a very dangerous category. Please tell that due to the earthquake, 7 people have died and 440 people have been injured. Let us tell you that earthquake tremors have occurred in western Azerbaijan province near the Turkey-Iran border in north-west Iran. The lost city is the most affected by the earthquake.

Why do earthquakes happen?

Please tell that there are 7 plates in the earth, which keep on rotating all the time. The places where these plates collide more, that zone is called fault line. Due to repeated collision of the plates, their corners are twisted. Then due to excessive pressure, the plates start breaking. The downward energy starts looking for a way out. Earthquake occurs because of this disturbance.

How much devastation does an earthquake bring when?

richter scale influence
0 to 1.9 It is detected only on the seismograph.
2 to 2.9 Slight vibration is felt.
3 to 3.9 It looks like a truck passing by you.
4 to 4.9 Frames hanging on the walls of the house may fall. Windows can also be broken.
5 to 5.9 The furniture kept in the house may move.
6 to 6.9 The foundation of the building may crack. There may be damage to the upper floors of the building.
7 to 7.9 Buildings collapse. Pipes burst inside the earth.
8 to 8.9 Big bridges including buildings fall. There is a danger of tsunami.
9 and over Terrible devastation The person standing in the field will see the earth waving. Tsunami if the sea is near.

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