Debate about India started in European countries, Germany said this

Debate about India started in European countries, Germany said this

In the Russo-Ukraine war, the European countries (European Countries) has sparked debate. In this episode, German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz (Olaf Scholz) said in a speech that countries such as India, South Africa and Vietnam hesitate to criticize Russia over the Ukraine war because they feel that international principles are not applied equitably.

Explain that Russia and Ukraine (Russia – Ukraine War) the bloody war has been going on for almost a year. India has not participated in any resolution brought against Russia on the international platform even once. Countries like Vietnam and South Africa have also not voted in any resolution against Russia. At the same time, all European countries including Germany openly support Ukraine.

There should be an end to the double standards of the West.

Global Solutions’ The World Policy Forum (The World Policy Forum) Speaking at the event, Olaf Scholtz said, “When I talk to the leaders of these countries, many assure me that they are not questioning the fundamental principles of the international order. Their concern is that these principles are not applied equally.” Shoults said, “They want representation on equal terms and the West (European Countries)’s double standards should end.

Olaf Scholaz targets European countries

“If countries perceive that we are only interested in their raw materials or seek their support on a UN resolution, then we should not be surprised if they do not cooperate,” Scholtz said. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that these claims are always correct. But we must address them if we are to encourage the powerful countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America to cooperate in establishing a stable global order.”

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