Demand for Instagram Reels, know 5 formulas to make Reel, you will be able to earn big

Demand for Instagram Reels, know 5 formulas to make Reel, you will be able to earn big

Instagram Reels: The one whom you see these days is engaged in making Instagram Reels. These days they are becoming very popular. However, only a few users know how a good reel can be made. For this, all the features of Instagram Reels should be used well. Today we are going to tell about 5 such tips, which will help you in making reels. Let us tell you that not only do you become famous with good reels, but you can also earn big money.

5 tips for reel making

First- use layout

To make reels, it is important that what is the size of your video. It must be noted whether the video is vertical or horizontal. In this case, you can set the layout according to the size of the video. There are three types of layouts for reels. Through which three videos can be played at a time in single reels. Also, text can be used to improve the video.

Second-Video Speed

Reels have to say a lot in less words. In such a situation, there is a lot of challenge in front of the makers of reels. In such a situation, if you are giving information about a product and during that time something has to be shown quickly, then you should increase the speed of the video. For this, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x speed has been given.

third- video duration

There is a condition for making reels that more talk should be done in less words. For this, users can select video duration of 15 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds according to their video.

Fourth – Music

Music plays a very important role in making a good reel. Music on reels is available in a variety of languages. Users can select any one of these music. Along with this, users can also do voice over.

Fifth- Why effects are important

If the colors in the video are not good or want to make the video better, then it would be better if good video effects can be used. Which will work to enhance your video.

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