imran khan: Seeing the atmosphere of the judicial campus, Imran Khan ran backwards, said in the video that there was a plan to send me to jail

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Toshakhana caseThe high voltage drama regarding Imran Khan is going on in Pakistan for several days. Imran Khan reached the court on Saturday for the hearing in the Toshakhana case. Police raided Imran Khan’s house. Activists created ruckus and stone pelting outside the court. After the ruckus of the police and activists outside the court, the situation has deteriorated even before the hearing. Police released tear gas, lathicharged to handle the situations. The workers pelted stones. On the other hand, Imran Khan, on reaching the court premises, alleged that he was being prevented from going to the court. The atmosphere is bad and they are waiting outside.

Huge ruckus in the court premises

Imran left for Islamabad from his home in Lahore but could not enter due to the huge ruckus in the court premises. However, the hearing judge ordered him to accept the presence by taking signatures on the papers. The judge said that after getting the signatures, the court will fix the date of the next appearance.

they wanted to put me in jailImran

Imran Khan said, “I wanted to go to Islamabad court earlier also for production. I am going to Islamabad today. They attacked my house. Their aim was not to present me in the court. Their aim was to put me in jail. Putting me in jail is part of the London plan. Nawaz Sharif demands that Imran be put in jail first. They want that Imran could not participate in the elections. Today they are going to do the same again. I know they are going to arrest me, but I am still going. I believe in law. There is no rule of law in Pakistan. They have implemented the law of the jungle in the country.

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