Indian Railways Travel Rules: Railways has changed these rules, now the journey will be easy

Indian Railways

Indian Railways Travel Rules: To travel long distances in India, people still prefer train travel. But it is often seen that most of the passengers traveling do not have detailed knowledge about the rules of Indian Railways. Railway Board makes rules and enforces them keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers. Changes are made in these rules from time to time according to the need. Today we are going to tell you about such rules which are very important for you to know.

Indian Railways Travel Rules:

It is forbidden to carry these items in the train

Stops during rail travel, gas cylinders, any kind of inflammable chemical, firecrackers, acid, smelly articles, leather or wet hides, oil, grease, ghee carried in packages, such articles, if broken or spilled, cause damage to goods or passengers Can It is an offense to carry prohibited items during railway journey. If you are carrying any of these restricted items during the journey, then you can be prosecuted under section 164 of the Railway Act.

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8 hours important (Indian Railways Travel Rules)

According to railway rules, you can open the middle berth from 10 pm to 6 am. That is, if you have a lower berth, then after 10 pm, a middle berth or upper berth passenger cannot sit on your seat. You can ask him to go to his seat by referring to the railway rules. Apart from this, even if the middle berth passenger opens his seat during the day, you can also refuse him by telling him the rules of the railway.

TTE can’t check

Passengers often complain that TTE wakes up after sleeping to check tickets. This disturbs sleep and causes problems. According to the railway manual, TTE cannot check tickets during sleep of passengers from 10 am to 6 am, in order to remove the hassle of the passengers and make the journey convenient. But if your journey starts after 10 pm then this rule of railway does not apply. In special circumstances also TTE can do checking after 10 am.

Indian Railways Travel Rules:

ban on listening to loud songs

Passengers often complain to the Railway Board about listening to loud songs or watching videos on co-traveller’s mobile at night. Keeping this in mind, the Railways has banned listening to songs or watching videos without earphones after 10 pm. According to the rules, you can neither listen to songs nor watch videos without earphones after 10 pm. Talking loudly in the night is also not allowed.

Platform ticket can be used to travel

According to railway rules, if you do not have a reservation ticket and want to travel somewhere by train, then you can also board the train by purchasing a platform ticket and then easily go to the ticket checker and get the ticket. Can. This rule (Indian Railways Rules) belongs to the Railways only. For this you take platform ticket and immediately contact TTE, TTE will make ticket till your destination.

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