IRCTC luggage rules: Those carrying luggage in the train should be alert! Now railway will impose this much fine

IRCTC luggage rules

IRCTC luggage Rules: Indian Railways has been soft on people traveling with excess luggage for decades, but now it has announced a new policy, which says that like air travel, train passengers will also have to pay for carrying excess luggage. Will happen.

If there is more luggage, then the joy of the journey will be halved!

The Ministry of Railways through its official Twitter handle has advised people not to travel with excessive luggage in trains. The ministry said in a tweet, ‘If the luggage is more then the fun of the journey is half! Do not travel by train with too much luggage. In case of excess luggage, book the luggage by going to the parcel office.

How much excess baggage is allowed?

In AC first class, up to 70 kgs is allowed free of charge, and for AC 2-tier the limit is 50 kgs. Luggage up to 40 kg is allowed in AC 3-tier sleeper, AC chair car and sleeper class. For the second category, this limit is up to 25 kg. The minimum charge for luggage is Rs 30. To carry additional baggage up to 70-80 kgs, passengers will now have to book their baggage and pay extra.

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