Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today May 22, 2023: Who got lucky today? Check Kolkata Fatafat Result

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today May 22, 2023: To win the prize in the lottery, you have to randomly draw a number. By which you can become rich. Kolkata FF Fatafat Result is very popular lottery system in Kolkata which is based on guesses only. In this lottery if your guess turns out to be correct then you can win the prize money. On the other hand, if you want to play this Kolkata FF Fatafat game, then for this you will have to be present in Kolkata because it is played only in the capital of West Bengal. It goes on to say that people who play such games have to risk money, although winning or losing money depends on your luck or chance. Please tell that you can play this game 8 times a day from Monday to Saturday, while this game is played only 4 times a day on Sunday.

Check online result like this (Kolkata FF Tips)

Whereas today i.e. on May 22, 2023, the live results of Kolkata FF Fatafat will be released today, which anyone can download or watch. For this you have to visit its official website www.kolkataff.com will go on.

Step 1. Go to the link for Kolkata Instant Winners List or “Betting Results”.

Step 2. Once you click on this link, a list of all the winning numbers will appear on your screen.

Step 3. At last if your number appears in the list, then you will be given the prize money.

It is worth noting that the time from morning to evening when the results of all the rounds are announced is called the bet, here are the bet times:

Rounds (Bazi) Timings
1st Bazi 10:25 am
2nd Bazi 11:55 am
3rd Bazi 01:23 pm
4th Bazi 02:55 pm
5th Bazi 04:03 pm
6th Bazi 05:55 pm
7th They know 07:25 pm
8th They know 08:55 pm

kolkata ff tips

For information, let us tell you that there are many prizes that can be won by playing the Kolkata FF game. All you have to do is guess a number. Also, the number of wins may vary from player to player. Many people can guess a Satta Matka and the one who guesses correctly wins the entire amount in a league.

Anyone can start playing this game when a certain amount is available. There are many winners in Kolkata FF result. Some Kolkata FF results have four league winners, while some have eight. The one who wins the game is called “King”. However, some other winners are also given consolation prizes.

Know about Kolkata Fatafat

As mentioned earlier, to be able to play Kolkata Fatafat game, you need to be physically present in Kolkata as it is a state-specific game. Kolkata FF city authorities organize this game.

Disclaimer: The Vocal News does not promote or endorse gambling or betting in any form.

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