Mustard Oil Price Update: Good news! Mustard oil price stable, know how much profit is available on 1 liter

Mustard Oil Price Update

Mustard Oil Price Update (March 31, 2023): Nowadays, there is hardly any such thing in the market, which is not available without adulteration. From spices to dairy products, there is a big question mark on the quality of every food item. People are not even aware of the amount of adulteration and consuming adulterated food can spoil your health. Mustard oil for cooking is also no exception to this. In such a situation, today we will tell you how you can identify real and fake mustard oil and what is the latest price of oil?

No change in prices

The price of mustard oil has been falling in UP for the last few days, due to which a drop of Rs 33 has been seen in the price of mustard oil in a month. However, no change has been observed today. Let us tell you that the price of oil has remained stable for some time.

Mustard oil had reached Rs 181 per liter in UP last month. Meanwhile, today the price of Mustard Oil is just Rs 148 per litre. According to the Commodityonline website, the price of mustard oil in Uttar Pradesh was Rs 148 yesterday as well. Let us also tell you that compared to other states, mustard oil is being sold in Uttar Pradesh at very low prices.

Mustard Oil Price Update (Uttar Pradesh)

City Price (Per Liter)
Ghaziabad Rs 148
Lucknow Rs 152
Agra Rs 151
Meerut Rs 147
Allahabad 156 rupees
Aligarh Rs 145
Kanpur 200 rupees
Gautam Budh Nagar Rs 151-7
Hathras Rs 147
Rae Bareli 156 rupees

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