Mustard Oil Price Update: Mustard oil price will not make you cry this year, production has been more than last year, know today’s rate

Mustard Oil Price Update

Mustard Oil Price Update (MAY 20, 2023): Mustard oil is being sold very cheap these days in Uttar Pradesh, where people are going out for shopping. The price of mustard oil is being recorded at Rs 140 per liter in many districts of UP, while it was up to Rs 180 last month. Along with this, the price of mustard oil was Rs 143 per liter on the previous day. Compared to last month, there has been a decline of about Rs 43 in the rate. For information, let us tell you that according to some reports, mustard cultivation was produced in 86.04 lakh hectare area across the country last year. This year has increased to 92.48 lakh hectares Experts believe that after the arrival of new mustard in the market, the price of oil is expected to decrease further. For information, let us tell you that this year the area under mustard cultivation has increased in the country. COOIT According to the data received from the Ministry, last year mustard was cultivated in an area of ​​86.04 lakh hectares across the country. It has increased to 92.48 lakh hectare this year. Due to which the price is expected to decrease further.

Production is more than last year

According to Suresh Nagpal, president of the Central Organization of Oil Industry and Trade (COOIT), the apex body of the mustard oil sector, a total of 113 lakh tonnes of mustard is being produced in the rabi crop this year. If last year’s carry forward of six lakh tonnes is also added to this, then 119 lakh tonnes of mustard is available for crushing this year. This does not include the production of around two lakh tonnes of rapeseed or rapeseed. Last year, 109.50 lakh tonnes of mustard was produced in the same rabi season. He says that due to the weather this year, there has been a difference of about five per cent in the mustard yield.

Mustard oil is produced from seeds

Mustard oil, which is produced from mustard seeds, is widely used in Indian cuisine. Mustard oil is known for its strong taste, pungent aroma and high smoke point. It is often used to sauté or stir-fry vegetables. It is widely used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Mustard Oil Price Update (Uttar Pradesh)

City Price (Per Liter)
Ghaziabad Rs 148
Lucknow Rs 152
Agra Rs 151
Meerut Rs 147
Allahabad 156 rupees
Aligarh Rs 145
Kanpur 200 rupees
Gautam Budh Nagar 157 rupees
Hathras Rs 154
Rae Bareli 156 rupees

Also know the benefits of mustard oil

  • The flow of blood circulation is fast

Massaging the body with mustard oil increases blood flow, which improves muscle tension. It also stimulates the sweat glands, which helps in flushing out pollutants from the body.

  • Will get rid of hair fall

Using mustard oil, you can get rid of your dry, dull and falling hair. According to Ayurvedic experts, mustard oil is rich in protein and omega-3 unsaturated fat, which is an important supplement for hair growth and nutrition.

  • Beneficial in toothache

Mustard oil is beneficial in dental problems. Mixing salt in mustard oil and rubbing it is beneficial. By doing this, the teeth also become strong.

  • joint pain

Mustard oil ends joint pain. This oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. This stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body. Daily massage with mustard oil can provide relief from arthritis pain.

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