Pakistan Petrol Crisis: Pakistan facing severe economic crisis, petrol drought


Pakistan Petrol Crisis : The country of Pakistan is going through its worst phase. In the midst of severe economic crisis, there has been a huge shortage of petrol in Pakistan. The situation has become such that the entire country is on the verge of running out of petrol and moreover the petrol that is being bought is secretly being smuggled into Afghanistan. It is known to all that the effect of increased fuel prices is on transportation, due to which all kinds of things including food become expensive. On the other hand, the situation in Pakistan has become such that the wheels of the vehicles have come to a standstill. Earlier the skyrocketing petrol prices were breaking the back of the people, so now there is no petrol to buy. Thousands of petrol pumps are lying dry in major cities of the country.

1 liter petrol Rs 272

According to the local media reports of Pakistan, the government has also reduced the price of petrol here by Rs 5, which is like cumin in the camel’s mouth. Actually, one liter of petrol was being sold here for Rs 272. And diesel Rs 196 per litre.

Pakistan’s current condition is bad

In such a situation, the reduction in fuel prices by the government will not give any relief to the public. Meanwhile, the debate is also going on that when petrol-diesel is on the verge of ending in the whole country, then why the Government of Pakistan is looting accolades by reducing their prices. At the same time, its bad foreign and economic policy is being held responsible for the present condition of Pakistan.

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