StockFetcher Review 2023 : Best Platform for You

StockFetcher Review 2023 :- StockFetcher Review 2023 :- StockFetcher is a screening and charting software program platform with many fascinating equipment and features. StockFetcher makes growing inventory scans simple. Read our in-depth evaluation to locate out if this platform suits your buying and selling style.


Large library of indications and pre-built filters
Excellent scanning device with simplicity as a core theme
Nightly scan effects electronic mail is well worth its weight in gold
Filters can be custom-made with each technical and critical indicators
Easy flexible-text language allows customers to application their very own filters and indicators
Responsive neighborhood discussion board gives masses of user-created filters to exchange, use or collaborate on creating and testing
Super low cost subscription prices


Lack of real-time fees can be traumatic for intra-day traders
Antiquated internet site stuck in the ’90s makes builders appear apathetic

About StockFetcher Review is a especially bendy inventory screener that lets you create customized inventory displays the use of undeniable English as an alternative than code. It’s impressively convenient to create swing buying and selling monitors based totally on integral and technical evaluation whilst incorporating key indicators, metrics, and ratios.

StockFetcher Review 2023
StockFetcher Review 2023

The unassuming, low-key internet site is very easy and missing animation or something flashy. In fact, it’s had the identical homepage for properly over a decade. The StockFetcher internet site is comparable to FinViz in that sense. There are even symptoms courting again to 2002 on the site. However, the out of date homepage is no reflection on the giant depth of the equipment that make this provider a good deal with the aid of any standards. Fortunately, StockFetcher’s pricing additionally appears to be caught in time, to the gain of users.

In our StockFetcher review, we’ll take a nearer appear at the whole thing this inventory screener can do.

StockFetcher Review

StockFetcher Pricing Options

StockFetcher equipment can be used with a free account with one-day delayed information and restrained scanning options. To make the most of this inventory screening platform, you ought to signal up for a subscription plan. There are two subscription plans:

The StockFetcher Standard Plan prices $8.95 per month or $24.95 per quarter.

This allows one hundred saved filters, day by day e-mails with scan results, a hundred watch lists with up to 200 symbols per-watch list, and up to 200 symbols can be exported (.csv).

The StockFetcher Advanced Plan fees $16.95 per month or $44.95 per quarter. This is a beefed-up model of the Standard Plan, permitting 250 saved filters, 250 watchlists with up 1,000 symbols each. Up to 1,000 symbols can be exported (.csv). Advanced filter guide is added.

Stock information is delayed 15-to-20 minutes throughout market hours for each plans. The pricing is very fascinating when in contrast to comparable inventory screener applications like StockRover or FinViz.

StockFetcher Features Breakdown

Here are some of the exceptional points and symptoms on the platform.


StockFetcher charts are easy however effective. Users can pick out between candlesticks, OLHC (bar chart), dots, line, and or vicinity (histogram) charts. Time frames range from intra-day to monthly. Users can add fashion lines, boxes, and circles with notes. The simplicity is attractive as to now not litter up the charts with too many technical indicators. The charts are in reality first-class and handy to read. If you’re searching for a charting platform with greater superior features, you might also decide upon TradingView, however StockFetcher provides a remarkable charting experience.

Screening Filters (Stock Scanners)

StockFetcher aspects each pre-built inventory screeners and customizable screeners. The inventory screening filters are the famous person of the StockFetcher platform. While there are many outstanding features, the screeners are what make this platform worthwhile. This platform has some of the nice free inventory scanners available.

There are thousands of filters for each technical and crucial analysis. You can browse a listing of reachable filters, or simply begin typing to see cautioned indicators.

One of the special factors of StockFetcher is that inventory screeners are created the usage of undeniable English phrases as a substitute than code, so they seem to be some thing like this:

This method to constructing monitors potential that you can genuinely begin writing a display screen the way you would provide an explanation for it, and you won’t be some distance off from how StockFetcher will render it. There’s nevertheless a gaining knowledge of curve, to be sure, however it’s nowhere close to as steep as the curve for studying Thinkorswim’s thinkscript code or TradingView’s Pine code.

If you select a extra ordinary strategy to constructing screens, there’s additionally a “Filter Builder” tool. This is comparable to the scan builders you will discover in equipment like FinViz and Yahoo Finance.

Technical Indicators

StockFetcher has over a hundred twenty five indications that can be used to create, decorate or refine your screening filters. In addition to the built-in indicators, there are severa user-created symptoms on the site. Compounding your filters simply requires cut-and-pasting warning signs into your inventory screens. Of course, simply be cautious now not to overload your displays with too many indicators.

‘Find Similar’

This function will display the markets to locate shares with comparable fee patterns to a unique inventory you search. The advantages of this are obvious. When I locate a inventory with a very compelling, high-probability technical setup, I can unfold out my buying and selling hazard with more than one shares or discover a more cost-effective inventory to trade. Often, this device will discover region or enterprise friends to trade. However, I every now and then discover cross-sector shares transferring collectively that have totally distinct fundamentals however share the equal technicals.

Watch Lists

Watch lists in StockFetcher can signify a listing of shares to reveal or whole portfolios. They can be duplicated and exported as well. Watch lists can be seen in desk layout or as charts. I like having the capability to run my watch lists via display filters to see if any of them return filter matches.

The quantity of watch lists and whole symbols you can have relies upon on your StockFetcher subscription. The Standard Plan lets in up to a hundred watch lists and 200 symbols, and the Advanced Plan up to 1,000 symbols and 250 watch lists.

Forums/Message Boards

The StockFetcher Forums have a variety of message boards ranging from General Discussions to Indicators and Measures and even Stock Picks and Trading. I determined some critically gifted programmers that don’t hesitate to reply inquiries and grant tips for developing filters. The StockFetcher neighborhood is distinctly generous, with custom-made scans being provided for free use and collaboration. I’ve been capable to reproduction some very mind-blowing screener filters proper off the Filter Exchange board. This is a hidden power of the platform.

Nightly Screener Results E-mail

StockFetcher lets you agenda nightly scans that will e mail you the outcomes with stock candidates each evening. This is incredible handy and takes a lot of the legwork out of discovering shares to reflect onconsideration on enjoying the subsequent day. This function on my own is well worth the month-to-month subscription price and saves hours of guide scanning.

StockFetcher Platform Differentiators

The ease of developing your personal customized filters with the free-text filter language makes StockFetcher unique. I’m now not a programmer by way of any stretch of the imagination, however even I was once capable to research the language rather shortly simply from staring at the built-in filters and then plugging in my very own values. From there, I improved to writing code. The soar from cut-and-pasting to writing your very own code in StockFetcher is now not that big. I’d say it’s a stable gateway into coding your personal algorithmic scans. StockFetcher Review

Other special aspects of StockFetcher consist of the Find Similar tool, scheduled nightly inventory screeners, and the highly collaborative forum. Any of these elements on their very own would make for profitable buying and selling software, and they’re even greater effective when blended with StockFetcher’s exceptionally customizable screens.

Is StockFetcher a Good Value?

This is a resounding YES. At $8.95 per month, StockFetcher is very low priced and will pay for itself with simply one suitable exchange idea. Personally, I can’t see the want 250 watch lists and am flawlessly exceptional with the preferred service. StockFetcher is less expensive than nearly any different inventory market screener that affords same tiers of customization.

What Type of Trader StockFetcher is Best For

StockFetcher Review :- As easy as appears, it takes some trip with the underlying indications and patterns to take full benefit of the functions. Therefore, this provider is nice perfect for skilled merchants that have excessive fluency with candlestick charts and patterns. Newbies can examine the elements and warning signs and then practice them on the scans if committed.

What this platform lacks in contemporary design, it makes up for in power. Technical merchants who make use of a large vary of symptoms and scans will get a lot of fee out of this platform.

While all quote statistics is 15-to-20 minutes delayed, intra-day merchants can nevertheless wholly make use of the scans to discover uncommon sample formations for buying and selling possibilities in the course of the day. The herbal buying and selling fashion healthy of this platform is for swing merchants and lively buyers with a stable know-how base of technical patterns and a methodology to manipulate triggers.

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